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A Breathless Journey (Bilingual)

Straight jacketed onto the roundabout of hell, propelled and pushed by prejudice and poison. No space to think, no time to breathe, dizzy with doubts dulled by despair. The jacket gets tighter and tighter The roundabout goes faster and faster, … Continue reading

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The Disappeared / Los desaparecidos (bilingual)

Bustling, busy, beautiful, Buenos Aires. A tourist trip drops into the square, The Pink House of power, walls tainted in blood, from beginning. A soothsayer’s prediction of future crimes? Los desaparecidos, los desaparecidos. Bustling, busy, beautifu,l Buenos Aires. A tourist … Continue reading

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The Awakening (bilingual)

Awakened at last, As if a potent pitcher splashed sensation, Showering rays of realisation, Penetrating the constructed numbness. Waves of euphoria, waves of ecstasy, Willingly received, enjoyed Over and over, again and again. The return of laughter, the renewal of … Continue reading

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City of Stone (Bilingual)

Bitter winds batter brittle barren basalt,   clearing clinging clouds, blanket mists, exposing lingering liquid layers of dusk and dawn. Hungry haars embracing, shrouding, A city set in stone, styled in stone. Outlying peppered between the braes, a cacophony of tons, … Continue reading

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The Instinct of Intuition (bilingual)

This poem is the longest work I’ve ever  had in draft. I began it in 2002/03 when I was coming to terms with trusting my intuition. I am sure like many others, we would be rich if we had followed … Continue reading

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Freedom (bilingual)

The tyranny of love, The yolk of hate, laced together Through time and fate. Yet greater tyrannies lie in the dictatorship of freedom. Chance of choice Decisions to do, but still unable to see the wood among the trees. Feeling … Continue reading

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As If But Only (bilingual)

Penetrating, disturbing noise, an impossible impregnable jungle. Entwining, strangling, guttural, grating, confusing and cutting. Creepingly slow – almost silently emerging separating – A single sound a spoken word, even an uttered phrase. An opening – a sense of feeling. Absorbing … Continue reading

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