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The Instinct of Intuition (bilingual)

This poem is the longest work I’ve ever  had in draft. I began it in 2002/03 when I was coming to terms with trusting my intuition. I am sure like many others, we would be rich if we had followed … Continue reading

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A Fower’s Feelings (bilingual)

I am a bold flower without boldness. Whose petals lose their colour, missing the ruby dew. The leaves weak, missing the brilliant blue caress. The sad stem needing pampering from its golden compass. The dry roots in barren land, lacking … Continue reading

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Found (bilingual)

New vision, new energy, new sight. A door opens to blinding light, Yet, still to pass the long-term night. Before realisation of what is right. Hope came, hope floundered, hope stayed. A window opens to being brave, Yet, still to … Continue reading

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HIgh Heels / Tacones Altos

Sending to the sky, The heels high, Inches small but pushing tall. Strutting, stubborn sexy.   Shoulders back, feet clack and slap, A gait opening gate. Overcoming lost high heel bottle. Stubborn strutting sashay.   Confidence change, Charismatic and catalytic, … Continue reading

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An Achilles heel / Un Talón de Aquiles

If only I were different, If only I were thin, I’d have all the tools I need to win and win and win.   Yet, I was an ugly duckling. Inside, up, down and out Pushing, protecting and projecting What … Continue reading

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