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Liberation ( Bilingual)

Dim distant dawns, pleasure yet pains. Marred muddled memories, a late player in a dangerous destructive game. A sacrificial lamb with sins shames pushed over, pushed off, pushed in. Twisted, tainted, thoughts drilled into the mind. Sensitive, guilt laden confrontation. … Continue reading

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The Power of Poison (bilingual)

The drops of Venom formed rivers of terraced wounds. Wounds relentlessly, mercilessly, whiplashed, time and time again. The hierarchy of attitudes obscured a yardstick of valueless rituals. Rituals of no appreciation, no respect thrust time and time again. The illusions … Continue reading

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Found (bilingual)

New vision, new energy, new sight. A door opens to blinding light, yet, still to pass the long-term night. Before realisation of what is right. Hope came, hope floundered, hope stayed. A window opens to being brave, yet, still to … Continue reading

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As If But Only (bilingual)

Penetrating, disturbing noise, an impossible impregnable jungle. Entwining, strangling, guttural, grating, confusing and cutting. Creepingly slow – almost silently emerging separating – A single sound a spoken word, even an uttered phrase. An opening – a sense of feeling. Absorbing … Continue reading

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Dreamt Dreams (bilingual)

Distant dimmed dreams reach to rescue, to resuscitate, the victim lonely, lifeless, and limp. Garrotted in the woven web, cold careless and colourless. Sullenly situated amid stagnating still sadness. A closed, cramped, calm quietly killing care and creativity. Bare, brittle, … Continue reading

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