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Buenos Aires 4 Out of the City, into the Delta.

To The Port My first trip organised by Nick Thomson Destinations Travel Edinburgh and first out of the city was a boat trip through the Tigre Delta. On arrival back at the hotel the previous day, I had my instructions … Continue reading

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Buenos Aires 3 Inspiration for a Poem

More Trips My first Monday in Buenos Aires, a city I was falling in love with at every corner, I did two trips. A city tour in the morning, giving more opportunity to explore places I had only glimpsed from … Continue reading

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The Poet’s Address to the Hacker (Bilingual)

Dear Mr hacker, thank you for wanting to be my friend, and friend of my friends, and friend of the friends of my friends. Into my life sudden and swift, arriving with your dirty tricks disguised and distorted, I made … Continue reading

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Buenos Aires 2 – Falling in Love with a Honeysuckle.

My third day in Buenos Aires I was signed up for a cooking class and I chose to travel on the metro. I purchased my SUBE card in the underground station, literally outside my hotel. It is like London’s Oyster … Continue reading

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Buenos Aires 1 The Beginning

Ticking things off the bucket list is one of life’s most satisfying achievements and in January 2017 I did, by travelling to a Spanish speaking country, other than Spain where I lived for twenty three years. There were several on … Continue reading

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A Breathless Journey (Bilingual)

Straight jacketed onto the roundabout of hell, propelled and pushed by prejudice and poison. No space to think, no time to breathe, dizzy with doubts dulled by despair. The jacket gets tighter and tighter The roundabout goes faster and faster, … Continue reading

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Liberation ( Bilingual)

Dim distant dawns, pleasure yet pains. Marred muddled memories, a late player in a dangerous destructive game. A sacrificial lamb with sins shames pushed over, pushed off, pushed in. Twisted, tainted, thoughts drilled into the mind. Sensitive, guilt laden confrontation. … Continue reading

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