My Darling Daddy

This months marks the eighth anniversary of my father’s death.  Still much missed, but in remembrance the small  poem I wrote for his funeral. The composition in itself brought me peace. The gift of poetry.

My Darling Daddy

Who are you who has left me so blue,
Who always taught me to say what was true.
My darling, darling daddy.

Tidy and neat, dignified and discrete
In life as in death
I know you don’t want me to weep
But to keep to your vision and values true.
I will always love and miss you
Brian, my darling darling daddy.

Vintage cart rip for 80th birthday.

Vintage cart rip for 80th birthday.

Quién eres tu que me haya dejado me tan triste ,
Que siempre me enseñó a decir lo que era cierto.
Mi papá tan querido

Ordenado y limpio, digno y discreto,
En la vida como en la muerte.
Sé que no deseas que llore
Pero mantener tu visión y valores verdaderos.
Yo te querré y te echaré de menos siempre.
Brian mi querido, querisimo papa.


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One Response to My Darling Daddy

  1. Avril Read says:


    That is a lovely poem thanks for sharing


    Sent from my iPhone


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