The Instinct of Intuition (bilingual)

This poem is the longest work I’ve ever  had in draft. I began it in 2002/03 when I was coming to terms with trusting my intuition. I am sure like many others, we would be rich if we had followed that inner voice and not been left saying “if only” I had trusted my gut feeling, as I have done on too many occasions throughout my life. I still don’t go with my gut instincts as much as I should, but I do so more than I used to. Nevertheless, this poem wouldn’t come together for me. I would get it out, play about with it but nothing felt right. Looking for more poems to publish this summer I came across it again and this time it fell into place, many lines were edited, then the structure showed itself. A sign perhaps that I am even more in tune with that wonderful gift we all have, call it what you like – our intuition, sixth sense, the gut instinct, trust it.  This poem is dedicated to my intuition.

The Instinct of intuition

Deep, deep down, almost drowned,
Draining, doubting, maiming,
By denying and analysing.
Yet always faithful, always around
Secure fighting to resist and endure
Rejection forcing pain, pushing, lying.
Yet never betraying, never blaming.
A warrior waging a wearisome war.
The strength of Intuition

Warnings here, warnings there,
Clouded twisted sunk by mental muck.
Pushing, punishing, judging,
Potholes penetrating.
Arid no longer free to care.
Sparks of light, gasping glimmering
Instinct strong, instinct secure
Against dreary drudgery and lure.
The dignity of intuition

The gut confronting the confusions of the head.
Comments of others criticising,
Crowding in, squeezing out
The real me and my trusted friend.
Left lacklustre and listless
Slowly painfully, intuition explodes.
Peace filled light spitting out the barren night
Courage produced to dare,
The power of Intuition.

Empowered with vision and insight
Brimming with energy, loaded with might.
No more walking the tightrope
Between bitter night and blistering sight.
Soul is stirred, spirit is awakened,
Mists of memory swirl and shift.
Overlapping light and time
To senses soothed, shimmering with
The clarity of intuition.

High prices paid in health and hope
Though intuition has remained
Steadfast and sound.
Listen, feel, follow, see
To value life suffer the pain,
A final destination to begin again.
A mind’s mosaic of sunlight
The magic mandala of creative mystery.
Accepting the beauty of intuition

floral mosaic

floral mosaic


De profundidad, en el fondo, casi ahogado,
Machacado, mutilado con las dudas
Al negar y analizar.
Sin embargo, siempre fiel, siempre cerca.
La lucha segura para resistir y perdurar.
Rechazo forzando el dolor, empuja la mentira.
A pesar de todo, nunca traiciona, tampoco culpa.
Un guerrero luchando una guerra fatigosa
La fuerza de la intuición.

Advertencias aquí, advertencias allí.
Nublados torcidos, hundidos por lodo mental,
Concita, castiga, y juzga,
Baches penetrantes.
Árido, no es libre para preocupar.
Las chispas de la luz, vislumbran tremolando tenuemente.
Fuerte instinto, intuición seguro
Contra la monotonía triste y señuelo.
La dignidad de la intuición

La tripa enfrenta las confusiones de la cabeza.
Las voces de los de mas agotan con la critica
El hacinamiento y el exprimiendo
Del verdadero yo y mi amigo de confianza
Dejado mediocre iy apático.
Lentamente, dolorosamente, explota la intuición
Paz lleno de luz escupe la noche estéril
El valor producido se atreve
El poder de la intuición.

Fortalecido con la visión y la perspicacia.
Rebosante de energía, cargada con poder.
No más caminos por la cuerda floja.
Entre la noche amarga y la vista feroz
El alma está agitada, el espíritu está despertado.
Las nieblas de la memoria bailan como molinos
La superposición de la luz y el tiempo
A sentidos calmados, brillando con
La claridad de la intuición.

Los precios altos pagados en la salud y la esperanza.
Aunque la intuición se ha quedado
Con firmeza y solidez.
Escucha, siente, segué, ve
Para valorar la vida sufre el dolor,
Un destino final para comenzar de nuevo,
EL mosaico de la mente llena de la luz del sol.
El mándala magia del misterio creativo
La aceptación de la belleza de la intuición

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2 Responses to The Instinct of Intuition (bilingual)

  1. poetcynthia says:

    I love your rhythm and truth! Beautifully expressed, a solid truth growing stronger!

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