The Bridge – before the flood after the flood.

In August last year I was flooded out of what had been my home for five years, by a burst pipe from a flat above.  I am now settling into a new flat but it has not been easy.  The most frustrating thing has been the lost writing time, those lost mystical moments when a poem begins to emerge from that deep place.  One of the many things that were suspended were posting on my blog.

I had to stay with a friend who gave a safe haven to me and Sophie my current cat, who settled in to her temporary home as cats do when they find a box.  Photo of Sophie at Angela’s – title

Is this what you call a box room“is this what you call a box room?”

This afternoon I decided to peruse my poems and felt this one fits my mood as my new home settles around me.


Daisy chains, skiffing stones

Story telling, fairy tales

Picnic Plans People

Pictures in fires

Mystical moments

Almost long lost long lost

returning suddenly swiftly

protected pampered placed

secure silken safe

New home new haven new happiness

created cuddled cared

wealth wary worn

potent powerful profound

a home my home.



Cadenas de Margaritas, echando piedras

Contando cuentos, cuentos de hadas

Picnics planes pueblos

Dibujos en el fuego

Momentos místicos

Lo perdido devuelto

de repente con rapidez

protegido mimado colocado

segura sedosa seguridad

Nueva casa nuevo refugio nueva felicidad

creado mimado cuidado

riqueza cautelosa desgastado

potente poderoso profundo

una casa mi casa .







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