LA Rioja Baja, the First Sighting

Stomach twists, clenches at first sight.

Brimming tears mist the eyes.

Distant haze blurring yielding curves

Both protecting from view

That disturbing awful beauty.

Which grabs and tears apart

Splintering emotions.

Seeming to pass on

It’s own gaping sundered pains

Cracked open baked dry

Seeping from its wounds

Yielding with its blood the raw harvest

A solace of healing

Shrouded in the noise of subdued silence.

Tempranillo Vines

LA Rioja Baja La Primera Vista

El estómago se aprieta de golpe

A la primera vista.

Las lágrimas aflorando que nublan los ojos

La bruma distante oscurece las curvas nacientes.

Protegiendo ambas de la vista

Este terrible belleza perturbadora

Que arrebata y arranca.

Haciendo astillas de las emociones.

Parece que transfere sus propias brechas

Haciendo añicos los dolores.

Agrietada abierta seca tierra

Rezumando sus heridas

que rinden con su sangre la cosecha cruda.

Un consuelo de alivio

Cubierto en el ruido del silencio conquistado.

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5 Responses to LA Rioja Baja, the First Sighting

  1. One of your best poems! Such strong diction, juxtaposition and imagery we can taste!

  2. fraserpat says:

    Not my favourite of your works JT, but that is possibly down to never having experienced the sight and smell emanating from a vineyard.

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