Magical Moments

One of the most magical moments of my writing career was during the creation of my first textbook; Playground One published in Germany by Logophon Verlag, when the first drawings came through from the graphic artist.  Seeing your imagination captured by another’s talent is a heady experience.  I have a very powerful visual imagination and memory but one of my frustrations is my total inability to transfer these images to paper myself, well apart from stick figures.

It was not to be until this year that I was to feel these magical sensations once more; they were as giddy and exhilarating as first time around.  On this occasion Andre, recommended by my one of my oldest and dearest friends Joe Maia, produced not one but two covers for my work.  The first is the cover for the first novel in my foodie detective series; I spent the next day opening his email just to look at the cover over and over again.  The second cover is for the first story in my series of modern fairy tales.

The story is in its final proof while being prepared for sale through Amazon KDP.  A serious learning curve experience that I hope to be worthwhile.

However, I can’t wait any longer to share some of Andre’s work so here is the cover for the modern fairy tale.  I simply love it.  Any ideas as to what it is about?  Or ideas for a title?  I have a couple in mind.


You can see more of Andre’s work at

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2 Responses to Magical Moments

  1. Joe says:

    Eh eh!… do I spot a ready for doing business type of Fairy Godmother?

  2. I think one could say yes to your question.

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