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Quotes on Fairy Stories

Fortunately the importance of stories as a therapeutic tool is becoming wider as can be seen in the  the work of Jorge Bucay in Argentina in his works such as Cuentos para Pensar (Stories to think) and Déjame que te … Continue reading

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There’s Only One Way to Figure Out Your Value As a Writer…

Succinct and to the point.

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Why Write a Fairy Story?

Having become accustomed to the funny looks when I tell people I am working on a fairy story I thought it would help by putting some background to my motivation in a blog post. I loved being told stories as … Continue reading

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Serenity – Serenidad (bilingual)

Slowly still calm the peace overflowed at last. A sense. A quiet solitude enveloping like the pouring. The pouring of cirrus clouds. The pink dawn light lifting, lifting to the happiness, the happiness of peace. Silence peace silence. Calm still … Continue reading

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A Poet on Poetry

A Poet on Poetry.

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Magical Moments

One of the most magical moments of my writing career was during the creation of my first textbook; Playground One published in Germany by Logophon Verlag, when the first drawings came through from the graphic artist.  Seeing your imagination captured … Continue reading

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Creative Renaissance

Veils uplift: doors unbolt, in the minds mire, murky no longer with doubts, fears. Courage carefree commitment to creativity. Renaissance of subconscious conscious word orgasm. Freedom the possibilities with the code of life’s culture conceptions repressed. suppressed. subdued. no more. … Continue reading

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