Coffee beans, The SpiceGarden

Spice Garden 11 coffee beans

In 2011 I finally made my longed for dream trip to India; beginning in the north with the Golden triangle – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. I then visited Kerala in the south as I have been a long time believer in the ancient Indian holistic medicine Ayurveda, which uses food and spices to heal the body. There were many highlights in my trip but I loved the visit to the Spice Garden. I was surprised to find coffee, as the native plants are cashews and cardamom. The Portuguese arrived in Kerala and brought many tropical plants from Brazil, which have thrived in this lush and abundant land.

One of the photos of the trip is the one my guide took of the coffee beans in my palm and it has become my brand photo in social media. The photo evokes wonderful memories; I like the dual nature of the pod with the two beans, as I am Gemini the writer’s sign.  I also wear a little Ganesh on a chain round my neck, I always felt attracted to the God with the elephants head.  He is the god of wisdom, success and good luck, and I discovered much later of writers.

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